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Machu Picchu & Easter Island Tour

Country: Peru
City: Cusco
Duration: 15 Day(s) - 14 Night(s)
Tour Category: Culture Tours
Departure Date: Thu 01 Jan '99

Package Itinerary

1st Day: ... / Lima

Upon your arrival reception at the airport and transfer to the selected Hotel.

Overnight at the selected hotel.

2nd Day: Lima


Guided visit through Lima's Historical Center: the Plaza Mayor (Main Square), the Government Palace, the Archbishop's Palace, the City Hall, and old streets with colonial mansions and Moorish balconies. You will also visit the San Francisco Convent, which has the most magnificent collection of colonial art in America. The tour will continue through the most traditional residential areas of Lima, including San Isidro, Miraflores, and LarcoMar, a shopping center of international thematic attractions which offers a spectacular panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean.

Overnight at selected hotel.

Meals included: Breakfast.

3rd Day: Lima / Cusco

At the appropriate time, transfer to the airport

Flight to Cusco city.


Upon your arrival at the airport, you will be transferred to your hotel.


City tour for 3 hours through the beautiful Cusco city and its nearby ruins. The tour will show you the amazing colonial city built on the foundations of the Inca palaces. You will visit the Koricancha or Temple of the Sun, where you can appreciate the incredible masonry of the Incas, the Plaza de Armas, and the Cathedral with its carved woodworks, altars, and paintings.

Then you will be driven to the Inca fortress of Sacsayhuaman and to Tambomachay known as the Baths of the Inca. You will also have panoramic visits to Puca Pucara Ruins and the temple of Qenqo

Overnight at the selected hotel.

Meals Included: Breakfast

4th Day: Cusco/Sacred Valley


Full-day Sacred Valley excursion. 31 km (19 miles) far from Cusco is Pisac, at the entrance of the Sacred Valley. Visit the colorful market where on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays a craft fair took place where you can buy beautiful handicrafts and souvenirs. Lunch will be served in a local restaurant. The tour continues towards Ollantaytambo, an archaeological site that the Incas built as a fort and includes a temple, agricultural terraces, and an urban area.

There are two distinct sectors: Araqama Ayllu, the religious and worship zone, and Qosqo Ayllu, the residential area. Ollantaytambo was an important administrative center with probable military functions due to the walls and towers. There are also traces of ancient roads and aqueducts. The town of Ollantaytambo is called a Living-Inca-Town since the inhabitants maintain very old practices and customs. This excursion will finish around 3:00 in the afternoon, after which you will be transferred to your hotel.

During your trip, you will stop to visit the Wildlife Rescue Center for Cochahuasi. This project is dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating endangered species.

You will have the chance to admire those rescued animals they will never return to nature, as well as to know how to elaborate "chicha" a traditional Inka beverage, and to learn about the lifestyle of the villagers from the Sacred Valley.

Overnight at the selected hotel.

Meals Included: Breakfast and Lunch.

5th Day: Sacred Valley/Machu Picchu

Transfer to the train station.


Arrival by Vistadome class train to Machu Picchu ruins. From Aguas Calientes station you will be transported by bus to the top of the mountain and to the citadel of Machu Picchu, one of the most renowned examples of Inca architecture. The city of Machu Picchu is the department of Cusco's most important tourist attraction and one of the new 7 Wonders of the World. Discovered in 1911 by the American explorer, Hiram Bingham, this city is considered to be one of the most extraordinary examples of scenic architecture in the world, built at the top of a granite mountain.

The Incas, using ingenious engineering techniques, were able to transport heavy stone blocks up the mountainside, and once there, they used their excellent masonry skills to produce amazingly polished stones that fit together perfectly. After two hours guided visit to the ruins, you will have lunch at a restaurant in the area

Shared service is during your trip by train; after that, a private guide will assist you through the visit to Machu Picchu from the train station

Overnight at the selected hotel.

Meals included: Breakfast and Lunch.

6th Day: Machu Picchu/Cusco


Entrance fee to visit Machu Picchu ruins or to climb the Huayna Picchu peak, the great mountain behind the citadel. The guide is not included

Enjoy lunch at a local restaurant.

At the appointed time, you should return to the station to take your train ride to Cusco. Luggage porters from your hotel to the station are available for free. The ride lasts for four hours.

Sacred Valley

Transfer from Ollanta Station in the Sacred Valley to Cusco Hotel.

Overnight at the Selected Hotel.

Meals included: Breakfast and Lunch.

7th Day: Cusco / Lima

Transfer from the hotel to the airport.

Flight to Lima city.


Upon your arrival, reception at the airport and transfer to your hotel

Overnight at Selected Hotel

Meals Included: Breakfast.

8th Day: Lima / Santiago

At the appropriate time, transfer to the airport

Transfer from the Airport to the Hotel.

Overnight at the selected hotel.

Meals Included: Breakfast

9th Day: Santiago


Departing from our hotel, we drive to the civic center of Santiago to visit the Government Palace of La Moneda. We continue through the financial area and then we visit the heart of Santiago and the center of social life, the Main Square (Plaza de Armas) which is surrounded by historical buildings such as the Metropolitan Cathedral, the main post office, and the National Historical Museum.

Afterward, we will drive through the Barrio Bellavista with its many cultural activities, art galleries, theaters, restaurants, and dance halls proceeding to the Cerro San Cristóbal, a very well-known recreational area with a fantastic view of the city.

Overnight at the selected hotel.

Meals Included: Breakfast.

10th Day: Santiago / Easter Island

Transfer from the hotel to the Airport (without a guide)

Transfer from the Mataveri Airport to the selected hotel.

Overnight at the Selected Hotel.

Meals included: Breakfast.

11th Day: Easter Island


This unique tour first takes you to the south coast in order to visit representative examples of the not restored platforms, Ahus Vaihu and Akahanga. Then we proceed to Rano Raraku, the quarry of almost 900 stone statues, 397 of them still lying or standing on the slopes of the extinct volcano with a crater lake.

After this stop, we visit Ahu Tongariki (restored with 15 Moais) which is the most recent and biggest restoration on the island. Next, we drive to the east coast and visit Ahu Te Pito Kura and the "Navel of the World". Last but not least we visit the beach of Anakena with its recovered Ahus Nau Nau and Ature Huke. There you will have the opportunity to enjoy the warm Pacific Ocean. Return to the hotel.

Overnight at the Selected Hotel.

Meals Included: Breakfast and Lunch

12th Day: Easter Island

AHU AKIVI AND ITS 7 MOAI (3,5 hours):

This half-day tour takes you to the restored Ahu Akivi with its 7 Moais, built in the middle of the island. From here you proceed to the Ana Te Pahu Cave, one of the biggest lava tubes on the island before you visit Ahu Tepeu (not restored) and afterward the topknot-quarry Puna Pau. Return to the hotel.

Overnight at Selected Hotel.

Meals included: Breakfast.

13th Day: Easter Island


You will be taken to the extinct volcano Rano Kau appreciating a view over the whole island and its distinct geological features. On top of the volcano, we proceed to a breathtaking view of the crater lake. Afterward, you will go to the ceremonial village of Orongo, where the birdman competition took place, and you can see the spectacular petroglyphs related to this culture and the 3 islands situated opposite the coast.

Then you will go to Ahu Vinapu (not restored) and the Ana Kai Tangata cave with its paintings. Afterward, return to the hotel.

Overnight at the selected hotel.

Meals included: Breakfast.

14th Day: Easter Island / Santiago

Transfer from the Hotel to the Mataveri Airport.

Transfer from the Airport to the Hotel

Overnight at Selected Hotel

Meals Included: Breakfast.

15th Day: Santiago / ...

Transfer from the hotel to the Airport (without a guide).

Meals Included: Breakfast.

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