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Travel Tips


City Month-Year Temperature Low Temperature Hight
Cuzco Jul 2012 02 °C/ 36 ºF 20 °C/ 68 ºF
Puno Jul 2012 02 ºC/ 36 ºF 16 ºC/ 61 ºF
Please check with the International Affairs Secretary of your country
For domestic flights each traveler is allow to take 23 kilos (50 pounds)in one or 2 suitcases maximum and a carry on of 8 kilos maximum (18 pounds).
Hotels in Puno can store suitcases of travelers that spend a night in the Titicaca Lake so you can take just a small bag or backpack with you. 
Hotels in Cusco can store suitcases of travelers that spend nights in the Sacred Valley and/or Machu Picchu so you can take just a small bag or backpack with you.
For the train ride to Machu Picchu each traveler can take a backpack or small bag of 5 kilos maximum (11 pounds). 

Airport taxes for each domestic flight is US$6.04 per person. Tax must be paid in cash (American Dolars or Nuevos Soles) before boarding.
Airport tax for the international departure is US$31 per person. Tax must be paid in cash (American Dolars or Nuevos Soles) before boarding.

Our official currency is Nuevo Sol. We have bills of 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 Nuevos Soles. We also have coins of 5, 10, 20 and 50 cents as well as coins of 1, 2 and 5 Nuevos Soles.
One American Dolar is around 3 Nuevos Soles.
One Euro is around 3.88 Nuevos Soles approximately.
ATM's are very easy to find across the country. They are in English and Spanish.
Credit Cards are welcomed in hotels, restaurants, shops, etc. Visa, American Express and Master Card are the most used.
In Peru American dollars are like our own currency. They are welcome everywhere but only bills of 5, 10, 20 and 50 dollars.

Tips for guides, drivers or staff from hotels are not obligatory.
If you would like to give a tip to your guides an approximate is US$3 to 5 per person if it's a shared excursion. If you would have a private tour an approximate is US$5 to US$10 per person.
It's always recommendable to give a tip to the Inca trail staff. An average per person is US$30 (this money goes for the guide, cookers and porters).
In restaurants it's recommendable to give the 10% of the bill.

To visit Peru is necessary to bring your valid passport. Only citizens from Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile and Argentina need their ID to come.
It's recommendable to bring the International Yellow Fever Shot certificate in case you have included in your journey destinations as Puerto Maldonado or Manu National Park. For the rest of destinations shots are not necessary.
Upon your arrival at Lima's airport you will receive your immigration card (TAM) which exempts from paying 10% of hotels taxes. In case you lose this card, for law hotels will have to charge the additional cost.
In case you would have some stop-overs in other countries during your flights to or from Lima, we recommend you to check what kind of documentation those countries require (visas, shots, etc).

Peruvian cuisine offers a wide range of typical dishes from the Coast, High Andes and Jungle/ Rainforest.
In Peru you can find restaurants that offer dishes from US$3.00
Drink only bottled water, which is widely available. Do not drink tap water, even in major hotels. Agua con gas is carbonated; agua sin gas is plain.
Avoid eating from street vendors.

During your visits to cities located over the 8200 feet above sea level, like Cusco (11,000 ft) or Lake Titicaca (13,000 ft), shortness of breath and heart pounding are normal, given the scarcity of oxygen. Some people may experience headache, loss of appetite, extreme fatigue and nausea. Most symptoms develop the first day at high altitude, though, occasionally, travelers have delayed reactions. The best advice is to rest on your first day in the highlands. Drink plenty of liquids, including the local remedy: mate de coca or coca - leaf tea (It’s perfectly legal). Avoid alcohol, sodas and heavy food. You can avoid altitude sickness taking 500 mg a day of acetazolamide (Diamox or Soroche Pills) taken 24 hours before departure and continued up to 48 hours after arrival to these cities. Acetazolamide should not be given to persons allergic to sulfa drugs.