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Inca Walls

Cusco, Peru


Inca Walls
Walking through the narrow streets of Cusco next to the ancient Inca Walls is like walking through an outdoor museum. These Inca ruins are the foundations of the city of Cusco as it exists today. Although these foundations can be found all over Cusco there are a few areas which stand out more than others.
Some of the best areas to see Inca Walls are along the streets of Loreto and Hatunrumiyoc. Inca walls line both sides of Loreto, which runs southeast from the Plaza de Armas. The south wall is from Amarucancha, site of the Palace of Huayna Capac. On the north side of Loreto is the wall which belonged to the Acllahuasi and is one of the oldest walls in Cusco.

Hatunrumiyoc runs northeast from the Plaza de Armas. This pedestrian only street is famous for the 12 sided stone found along the east wall. To find the stone look for the souvenir sellers which set up regularly directly across from the stone.
The Church of Santo Domingo, which is also the site of Coricancha is another great example of Inca stone work. A curved, 6m high Inca wall lines one end of the Church of Santo Domingo and can be seen from the street or inside the church.

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